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Have your job done Fast!

BSP scheduller does the following:

  • find the best path to run your Jobs and finish the build ASAP.

  • use measurements and statistics from past builds to estimate how the Jobs will behave now.

  • always use 100% from allocated resources but never exeed them.

Incremental Builds

Never build stuff which was built before! BSP provides a great set of tools and a mindset to implement it.

  • BSP uses a unique CryptoHash for each Job (or build) so it is easy to detect whether the Job was already built in the past.

  • Highest granularity of information inside CryptoHash.

  • BSP provides means to decide when and in which way it should store build history.

  • BSP smart history cleaner will keep only builds which have high probability to be reused. Other data will be deleted as soon as there is no space to keept it.

Pinpoint the bottleneck from first look

BSP provides a powerful visual reporting tool.

  • BSP provides a nice, responsive and intuitive web interface to visualize all information BSP collects.

  • BSP-Web brings usefull hints, how to optimise or improve buildsystem, in front of you no matter how deep they are hidden in some statistical data.

  • BSP-Web is focused to use best visualization methods for each kind of data.

Developer Friendly

BSP helps keeping good practices and write clean code.

  • Helps developers with KISS and DRY. BSP has standard mechanisms to share scripting code between different Jobs.

  • Fully documented and flat learning curve with learn by using concept.

  • Actively maintained and improved: 3 releases per year.

Be flexible!

BSP helps you to keep "refactoring" as a "small improvement". Don't lock yourself in specifics.

  • BSP keeps it simple therefore trying new stuff is fun and easy.

  • Separate build results from build sources. Changes in building workspace does not affect building results.

  • Scale up and down when needed.

Use it as you want

BSP is specially good for buildsystems, but you can use it's features for other things.

  • BSP is a command line tool, it can run multiple BSP instances. You can have multiple BSP-workspaces. Everything can be independent.

  • Lightweight, pythonic and cross platform.

  • Zero-configuration mode, human-friendly configurations.


Use-cases prove that BSP is cool ... isn't it?

Smart Scheduler

Use your hardware at 100%

Build "things" only once

Make your builds reuse builds from past.

Smart analytics

Use smart analytic tools.


We are a small team that is committed to develop highly innovative software with a high quality or we will die trying.

Assistance in deployment

We can implement full integration of BSP in your environment.

Resource Sharing

We support and are ready to share our development resources with you so that our expertize can make a difference to your business.

Priority support

We offer priority support with different types of SLA.

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